Artists’ Statement:

“My work is about drawing and painting, I mean there is no border between them, they are most of the time together coexisting in the final canvas. I start of course the work with drawing, but it doesn’t mean it will not reappear at the final step, on the top of the paint layers.”
17042015-IMG_7724 (800x533)
Patrick Pietropoli in his Art Studio, March 2015.

Patrick Pietropoli is a contemporary painter artist who represents cityscapes and street scenes along with figural compositions and delicate nudes. He paints the carefully articulated architecture of New York, Paris, Rome and Venice as well as the intimate portrayal of the feminine figure always finding a perfect balance between freedom and form.
Patrick Pietropoli was born in Paris in 1953. After Sciences Po Paris and Master’s degree in Ancient History, he taught history for six years before fully devoting himself to sculpture and painting.
This passion started in early childhood and developed through various experiments with fine arts techniques into a life-long commitment. The artists’ canvases favor line over color while representing objects from the history of Art, architecture, cityscapes with or without figures, female figures. The ancient Greek myths are like a permanent “lietmotiv” in his work.
His first solo exhibition in 1981 was about the Florentine Annonciations, the second one was about “the rapt of the Sabines”, as it is represented in the painting of Nicolas Poussin at the Louvre.
Patrick Pietropoli spent most of his life in Paris and relocated to New York in January 2008.