16102012-IMG_7605 (640x316)
Venice, The Mole: oil on linen, 97x195cm, 2012.

The painting was requested by the French collector who adores Venice and admires the artists’ work. To accentuate all the daintiness and finesse the completed work was set above the 17th C dresser.

Chrysler Tower X: oil on silver, 133x57cm, 2014.

The original painting was first viewed two years prior to commissioning the work. Very fond of the image, the collector couldn’t part with it and finally ordered one for himself.
07042014-IMG_4127 (334x800)

Upper East Side: oil on linen, 100x71cm, 2013.

This is an exceptional neo-gothic 19th century NYC townhouse featuring Juliette balcony and revealing fabulous collection of occidental, modern and contemporary art works inside its’ walls. Patrick Pietropoli had the privilege of meeting the owner who ordered a “portrait” of the house.
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Copie de Ana Paula 116x162cm (1280x894) (640x447)
Ana Paula: oil on linen, 130x162cm, 2011.

The portrait was commissioned by the NYC client wishing to enrich and personalize already growing collection. While contemplating about the work the artist was influenced by the beautiful North Italian 19th C furniture adorning collectors’ penthouse, especially the bench he decided to represent.

Paris Grand Lointain: oil on linen, 130x162cm, 2012.

While visiting the group show at NYC gallery, a couple fell in love with the painting already sold. They were captivated by the work and asked for a commission of their favorite piece.

20062012-IMG_5725 (640x373)
20062012-IMG_5724 (469x640)
Citicorp: oil on linen, 146x114cm,, 2012.

The collector already owned “Chrysler IV” painting, acquired at the artists’ solo exhibition
in Soho, NY, 2012. He wished to add the portrayal of Citicorp building to complement “Chrysler IV” on the same wall.